Cocina Outdoors LLC

Double Burner Discada Grill


Bring twice as much Southwestern flair to your parties and events.

For large catered parties, family reunions, weddings, or anytime you need to feed lots of people, Cocina Outdoors' double burner disk cooker brings twice as much Southwestern flavor to your backyard.

Outdoor commercial cooking tools with the flavor of the Old Southwest.

Our disk cookers are quickly carving out a singular space in the catering industry thanks to their versatility, mobility and reliability. The Discada Grilling System is much more efficient than standard gas or charcoal grills, or BBQ pits when it comes to cooking large quantities of food quickly, thanks to our unique double burner unit. When you're finished cooking one course, just switch out the disks for the next, or exchange it for an integrated boiling pot which nestles snugly into the opening on the table top for soups or stews.

Combined with one of our Single Burner or Tripod-mounted units, it's a great way to throw a big Southwestern blowout, with chili verde in the pot, discada in the disk, and tripas on the tripod.

Double Burner Southwest Disk Cooker Specifications and Features

Every Double Burner Southwest Disk Cooker we sell is designed and handcrafted in the USA, using only high quality, American made parts and components.

  • 22-inch kiln-fired steel disc
  • 26"W, 64"L, 34"T table, crafted of low carbon steel
  • All components meet or exceed CSA standards
  • Unique flared burner system 
  • Backed by 1 year warranty
  • Holds up to 14 Qt. pot for boiling, chili or stews.
  • Flame protective wind guard
  • Louvered table top with heat deflectors
  • UIL approved regulator and gas supply lines
  • Quick-connect propane hose
  • Detailed care and maintenance guide

Order your Double Burner Southwest Disk Cooker today, or email us for more information.