Cocina Outdoors LLC

Single Burner Disc Grill


Disc cooking at its best in your own backyard.

More versatile than grilling, disc cooking is perfect for both backyard standbys and traditional Southwest delicacies. Single Burner Disc GrillI's never been simpler or more convenient to introduce disc cooking to your friends and family. The Cocina Outdoors Discada Grilling System brings this traditional South Texas cooking method deliciously up to date with modern technology and simple, contemporary styling.

More versatile than grilling, disc cooking is perfect for both backyard standbys and traditional Southwest delicacies.

Our Single Burner disc grill is perfect for small backyard gatherings, pool parties, or family get-togethers. Your disc grill allows you to do almost everything you would normally use your standard grill for, plus so much more – Southwestern favorites like carne asada and calabacitas; scrambled eggs and chorizo for breakfast burritos; even Asian stir-fries. And of course traditional discada – the spicy South Texas specialty of seared meats, chorizo and vegetables.

And don't forget, you can switch out your cooking disc for an Integrated Boiling Pot, which nestles snugly into an opening on the table top for chili or other soups and stews.

It's a mouthwatering way to combine traditional Southwestern disc cooking with the comfort and convenience of your own modern kitchen.

Every Single Burner disc grill we sell is precision crafted using only high quality parts and components.

  • 22-inch kiln-fired steel disc
  • 23 by 43-inch table, crafted of low carbon steel
  • All components meet or exceed CSA standards
  • Unique flared burner system 
  • Backed by 1 year warranty
  • Flame protective wind guard
  • Louvered table top with heat deflectors
  • UIL approved regulator and gas supply lines
  • Quick-connect propane hose
  • Detailed care and maintenance guide